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My name is Mrs. Vivian Mong. Iam the mother of Chidinma Mong, who is an alumni of Ostra Heights College, Okota.

My journey through Ostra Schools began exactly twelve (12) years ago. My family had then just relocated to Ago Okota following the tragic death of my husband. In my furtive search for a competent school where I could enroll three of four of my children; Egoyibo, Emmanuel and Chidinma, I was referred to Ostra Private School by my children’s private tutor, who was a teacher in the school at that time. It was very tough coping with the feesof three children in Ostra but I continued to struggle endlessly because my children are very essential parts of my life and their well being is my priority. Subsequently, an incident I’ll always remember was the day I had to go to the school to plead for an extension as I wasn’t able to raise enough money for the school fees. That was the day I met Chief Styne Ohio-Ehimiaghe of blessed memory. He asked what was wrong. I told him the dilemma I was in and surprisingly, he told me not to worry and that He’d take care of that. Minutes later, I was informed that I’d been given a ten percent (10%) discount on the fees of each of my children. I was overjoyed. To the glory of the Most High God, all three of them graduated best students in their respective classes. It was at the time when my last child, Chidinma, was to graduate that Ostra Heights College was founded. I was hoping that God would provide as always and that she would be able to resume in Ostra Heights College when the time came.

Again, I was informed that because of Chidinma’s outstanding performance and her consistency in academic prowess, she had been given a tution-based scholarship by SAROE FOUNDATION for the entire 6 years she was to spend in Ostra Heights. My joy knew no bounds.

I’m using this avenue to say a very big thank you to SAROE FOUNDATION and Ostre Schools for giving hope to the hopeless. I pray that the Almighty God will bless you immeasurably and it is my earnest desire that you continue to put smiles on the faces of widows and orphans. Once again, thank you very much

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My name is Kelvin Isreal and I am here to give or testify about my life after the death of my late father Mr. Olu Isreal.
After the death of my dad, life has been so difficult tear for me and my mum. 2007 was a very difficult year for me and my mum, 2007 was the year I lost my precious father. As little as I am I could feel the pains of my mum, even my father’s family treated us like we were slaves and took away all that my late father left behind, but thank God for his infinite mercy, and I’ll not stop thanking the SAROE FOUNDATION, they really took good care of me and my mum as their own blood.
I got admission in Navy Secondary School, where I did my J.S.S. from Navy Secondary School where by His grace I’ll obtain my O’ level. My greatest dream of my life is to become a medical doctor/surgeon. I wish to help the poor and to see life’s, most especially the orphans and the less privilege.
My sincere appreciation goes to the SAROE FOUNDATION, may the God of Bishop J. C. Okose and Late Ohio-Ehimiaghe continue to bless the SAROE FOUNDATION.

I wish to sincerely appreciate the management and staff of SAROE Foundation for helping me to fulfill my goal in life, this scholarship came as a big surprise; it came at a time I got admission into university, I have even suffered lack of financial support from members of my family. I almost gave up.

As God will have it, our Big Mummy came to the village, OvbiowunOwan, Edo State; at that time, I approached her about my present situation; without giving it a thought, she told me “Money will never stop you”, since then my school fees is paid as when due, sometimes can’t fathom the amount of care I have enjoyed from her and the entire SAROE Foundation staff.
Thank you all for your charitable contributions towards SAROE Foundation, it’s greatly appreciated also I thank you for yout generosity. God’s infinite mercy will continue to bless and protect you all.
Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma, Edo State,
Pmb 14, Edo State,
Political Science 400 Level.

Scholarship for orphans:
Being orphaned or made vulnerable due to the death or acute illness of one or both parents plays a role in whether a child goes to school or not. orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) in Nigeria generally have lower rates of enrollment for examination, attendance in class, and school performance than non-orphaned and less vulnerable children.
Currently in nigeria there are very few states government addressing the very need of these orphans, there is no special intervention funds to support their education. Saroe foundation has identified this as responsibilities, as such we have sponsor this orphans
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